Sunday, 25 June 2017

New Show To Get Addicted Too: Reign

I'm surprised at how unknown this Netflix CW historical drama is. Following the rise to the thrown of Mary Queen of Scots, this show lures it's audience in with a complicated web of passion, treachery, sex and death. With four whole seasons to watch this is the show that keeps on feeding your addiction.

I can't say this show is perfect, although it seems to start of that way, but despite some silly plot lines further down the line and a frustrating love triangle, this show is perfect for those who love shows like Pretty Little Liars. Shows that we know are borderline ridiculous at times yet we ignore them parts because the shows forced us into such a close bound with the charterers. A key redeeming quality of this show for me is it's underling horror in the gore and creepiness portrayed in the show. There's one charter in partial who gave me nightmares, Clarissa. Watch the show and you'll realize why I wouldn't want her hid under my bed. I may worn you though, don't go into this wanted historical accuracy as that is one thing the show most certainly doesn't provide. But come to think of it the show would be a lot less interesting if it followed this history books. Overall, this is the perfect teenage drama to binge watch whilst obsessing over which brother ,Bash or Sebastian, is better looking.

Thanks for reading, please tell me what you think of the show or my mini review in the comment section x

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The Fundamentals of Caring review (without spoilers)

Sharp whitted, heart-warming yet ultimately forgettable. This indie dark comedy, although charmingly enjoyable, is let down by it's storyline and instead carried by the Creig Roberts and Paul Rudd chemisty.

Trevor (Craig Roberts) is an 18 year old hilariously cynical boy who suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Living his life under a rock he is forced unto an impromptu road trip by his carer Ben (Paul Rudd). Thought the film their bond leaves the audience emotionally invested in the characters distracting them from the fairly plain plot. The other main characters Dot (Selena Gomez) and Peaches wallow in the background, with Roberts and Rudd's performance stealing the show leaving the audience both in laughter and close to tears.

Dot's cliché character in particularly vexes me as her 'bad girl' facade is like a photocopy of many others before her and her character is basically a more sweary version of Selena's Disney character (Alex on Wizards of Waverly Place). The only blessing of her character is that she slimly avoids the Manic Pixie Dream girl character type by having a vague backstory and picking her own aspirations over the male lead.

I must however give the film credit where it's due on its representation of disability. Avoiding representing disabled people as helpless victims, the film instead bluntly highlights Trevor's disability and its restraints on his life whilst also adding ease to the audience through the use of humour surrounding the issue.

I'm in purgatory over whether or not the writing of this film deserves profound praise. Although not quite quotable, the alternative humour genuinely makes you laugh (which ironically is an aspect many slapstick Adam Sander type comedies lack). On the other hand, disappointingly this film which has a core message of stepping out of your comfort zone doesn’t seem to have the same effect on me personally. It had the medium to inspire yet seemed to miss the mark. However I cannot speak for others who perhaps took more away from the film.

The Fundamentals of Caring is a perfect summer film for someone looking for not perhaps anything dumbfoundingly thought provoking, but instead a quirky alternative to mainstream Hollywood’s teen movies.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Wonder Women review

Wonder Women is a fierce breath of fresh air. The film achieves the goal of being unique and revolutionary whilst still appealing to a mass audience. It's truly is a film for everyone, with both action and comedy elements making it a relatively family orientated film. Yet there are darker elements to the film (highlighting the horrors of war) which leave a thought provoking effect on the audience that many superhero films lack. Additionally, it has to be praised in its amazing representation that isn't normally seen in patriarchal white washed Hollywood.

Caution: spoilers ahead!

The highlights...
- It goes without saying that Wonder Women is a truly feminist film. It portrays a female character as strong without being sexualised by the male gaze. But also it doesn’t use the incompetence of a male character to portray the female as superior therefore truly portraying the sexes as equals.

-Gal Goblet was born to play this role. Fierce and fiery yet reasonable and loving, her character is everything that we should aspire to be. Thankfully, the producers decided to show some flaws in her character which added realism to the film that was needed with its supernatural twist.

-Another representation that cannot be ignored in this film is the representation of ethnicities. It's important to remember that many other nations were involved in fighting the war on the British side. This included many Sikh soldiers who were discreetly yet importantly portrayed in the wide shots of soldiers, honouring their involvement in the war. Additionally, the main characters consisted of different ethnicities such as Chief (one of my personal favourite characters) who is a Native American. Without going off on a rant, positive Native American representation is extremely important as in the media as for years they have been portrayed as the enemies in traditional westerns. Moreover, the film creates a strong message of unity between ethnicities as war leaves no man untouched. This was extremely provident when Dina asks what happened to the Chief’s people and he responds with (something along the lines of) "his people killed my people". But then they stand together in unity which is a powerful message not only for the younger viewer but also for us adults in the current hostile world we live in.

-The fight scenes were amazing! Like this was the point in the film in that I diverted back to being little and play fighting with my sister wishing I had some of Dina's moves. It's actually inspired me to want to take up martial arts classes. The fight scenes were beautifully orchestrated and the supernatural element added a second dimension to the scenes which made them an astonishing sight.

- If there’s one thing I hate it’s when war is overly romanticised in the media. Thankfully Wonder Women honourably highlighted the honest horrors of war. Not only did the film show the physical wounds left on the soldiers but also the psychological wounds. Especially in Charlie's character as he seemed to suffer from PTSD.

-This is going to sound rather sinister but I loved the deaths I this film. I've got to admit Antiope's death was a bit predictable. But Steve dying I couldn't have predicated and I'm sure you'll agree that it was carried out in a emotional yet honourable way. I also think it added sincerity to the film when they didn't reveal at the end that he was somehow alive which many films seem to think it is an acceptable plot twist.

The downfalls...
-Although I valued the films overall theme of love wins over evil, the ending scene where Diana is telling us how love is triumphant dose remind me a bit of a diary entry. I think they still should have kept this message but somehow present it in a less cheesy way.

-Personally, I found the plot twists a bit lack lustre. Completely  saw the whole "Dina you are the weapon" thing coming and although the plot twist of Aris true identity probably looked good on paper, all the action of the scene largely distracted from it creating a shocking effect.

Overall, this film was owe-inspiringly brilliant and should be a example to all superhero films on how to bring the genre into the 21st century.

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Friday, 7 April 2017

5 shows you need to watch on Netflix

How To Get Away With Murder
Not only is this show gripping and scandalous, but it also has amazing representation of POC, sexuality and women. Staring Oscar and Tony winning actress Viola Davis this show is a murder mystery with a twist: the murders are committed by the people who are meant to uphold the law. This the kind of show that grips you not only because of the breath-taking cliff hangers but also because of the emotional attachment you gain with each character (even evoking sympathy in characters you originally hate). Also, if your desperately searching for an to this show defiantly fills that void (Oliver and Connor for life please). Sadly, Netflix only has up to season two so you'd have to find season three elsewhere (which of course you will do as the shows to addictive not to watch).

Santa Clarita Diet
This show really deserves to be raved about more because it's actually genially funny (ironically, most comedy’s knower days aren’t). It's probably not talked about much because no one can spell its name. Staring Drew Baramore (that alone should make you watch the show) it's about a suburban mum who wakes up one day with a craving for human flesh. It's also a lot more gripping than most comedies’ as its plot is contagious instead of one episode story lines. I defiantly recommend this show if you like light hearted entertainment with more depth than most comedies and a gruesome twist. 

13 Reasons Why
Even thinking about this show makes me tear up (you'll understand why when you watch the last episode) and I cannot praise it enough, Based on a novel of the same name, the narrative follows the reasons why 17 year old Hannah Baker committed suicide and the stories of the individuals that led her to it. This show is so important not only because it gives visibility to such a sensitive subject but also because it highlights the importance for caring for one another as you never know what someone’s going through. Also, I love it that the show gives each character such realistic depth therefore not shallowly labeling them as a straight forward villain. I really hope the show gets a second season, not only so that the cliff hangers can be answered from the first but also so the narrative can explore more of each individual character from their own point of view instead of Hannah's filter. Overall, this show is perfect for binge watching but unlike most shows you may binge watch it this cautionary tale leaves you with a message that could potentially change someone’s life. 

If you've ever been on my blog or even spoken to me you'd know how obsessed I am with his show. I mean to be honest if you've not heard about this show you must have been living under a pebble for the past year (trying to avoid cliché idioms). If you don't watch it for the incising murder mystery then at least watches it for the hot boys (and girls). Also, there are certain scenes (such as Jason's funnel) where the show is extremely pleasing to the eye- with its outfits, color schemes, settings and use of lighting some scenes look like a breathtaking painting. 

Orphan Black 
Being one of my favorite TV shows of all time, Orphan Black has to make the list! It's gripping, hilarious and addictive! Following the lives of clones it explores characters in such a beautiful way and smashes stereotypes in the process (if you’re a fan of the show who's your favorite clone? Mines Helena or Alison). Also, if you're looking for a kick-ass feminist show this ones defiantly the one for you. This show literally has something for everyone: comedy, geeky science, romance... The newest (and final) season comes out this year, so plenty of time to catch up with the previous seasons.  

If you watch any of these tell me in the comments bellow. And please comment any Netflix recomendations. Peace out x

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Riverdale theories: What I think's coming soon for Riverdale?

The three week gap has been extremely painful but thank the universe it will soon be over! So here are just some thories of what I think will be coming in part two of season one and season two:

Cheryl and Archie sitting in a tree...
Don't worry: I've not gone mad; not for a second do I ship Archie and Cheryl. But promotional pictures from episode 9 "La Grande Illusion" show what looks like Cheryl crushing on Archie (I don't blame her: have you seen that boy shirtless?!). But in these photos Archie seems to be more intrested in his new gitar than Cheryl's puckered up lips.I'm assuming Cheryl bought him it him as it's stampted with her signature red- is it just coincidence that red is the colour of blood and danger? I hope that there not going to have Cheryl just fancy him because he (apparently) looks like her brother. Instead I hope she's just trying to get close to him to get somthing she wants- that souds more like the keniving Cheryl we all love.

There will be another murder
Madelaine (Cheryl) revealed in an interview that we find out in season 1 episode 11 who Jason's killer is and as the show is confirmed to have a season 2 then surely as a murder mystery there must be another murder? I'm predicting that one of the main charcters accidently kills someone or does so in self defence but the audience won't know who.

We meet jellybean
She's been metioned a few times so it would be a shame not to meet her at some point. If she's related to  Jughead she's bound to be cool and even Jughead called her cool himself so I'm expectly a eleven year old pot smoking hippy (joking).

We find out more about Cheryl and Jason's realtionship (wink)
I know Madelaine has said in an interview that theirs nothing incesty going on but she did say that her and her brother had a very unusal close bond. I really think this needs to be explored before we find out who Jason's murder is because we don't really know that much about him. I mean we've found out about him via the filter of Cheryl's opinon of him but that's quite biased. Therefore, I'd like to see more flashback footage to shape Jason into more of a 3D charcter which might make finding out the details of his death more emotional for the audience.

More of kevin and Joaquin
Finally, I know the name of the mysterious handsome Serpent gang member. Promotional photos show that theres going to be more of my soon to be OTP in tommorows episode. I'm getting some serious Romeo and Juliet vibes from their realtionship (forbiden love because Kevin's the son of a police officer and Joaquin's in an illegal gang). There are so many ships in Riverdale but already from the brief footage we've  seen of this one I ship it almost as much as Bughead. Also, random question does anyone else not ship Archie with anyone or is that just me?

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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Riverdale Theories: Did one of the Coopers kill Jason? (SPOILERS)

The Coopers are a certainly a dangerous family but are they capable of murder?!

Image result for the coopers riverdale

Polly Cooper:
The idea that Polly killed Jason is a popular theory but is it almost too obvious to be the truth?
If the theory is true that would mean that Polly truly is crazy (which is supported by the fact that she jumped out of window when she was heavily pregnant). What would be her motive though? Perhaps Jason had cheated on her? Possibly with Mrs Grundy (who else hates her as much as I do?) or even maybe with Cheryl (*cough* incest *cough*). If Polly did kill Jason then that would explain why her parents put her in the mental home and why her dad stole the police evidence. Although, Penny looked genuinely shocked when she found out Jason was dead. Therefore, perhaps her parent’s just assumed that she killed Jason therefore were trying to protect Penny in their own messed up a Cooper family way.

Betty Cooper:
I've heard a few people say that Betty could be the killer because of her rebellious outburst in episode 3 (you know when she looked hot as hell in that black wig). Also, her almost too perfect girl next door kindness seems almost surspsious. But do I really think they'd make such an important charter Jason's murder (meaning they'd be arrested and have to leave town)? Hell nop!

Alice (mama) Cooper:
Betty's mum is certainly someone I wouldn't want to mess with but is she capable of murder? Alice did once state that she wished Jason would “burn in hell". But there pretty strong suspicious words for a murder and I think Alice is a lot smarter than to be that obvious if she was the murder. Also, dose anyone else find it super bazar that Betty so quickly jumps to this conclusion that her parents are the murders? Almost surpiously too fast? Although, I'm pretty sure she's not the murder therefore not blaming her parents to protect herself, but what if she was doing it to protect someone else? Polly perhaps?

Hall(Daddy) Cooper:
Although we all know Jughead's Betty's true daddy (too far?) her actual father is quite the suspicious type. As I've already said he may have destroyed the evidence in order to protect Polly. However, Mr Cooper has his own motives for murder: his family feud with the Blossoms. Personally, I feel like this is a down right stupid reason for murder and will be disappointed with the show if this becomes the case. But it would be interesting to see him kill for another reason. I feel like Alice would have insulted him in some way that would have pushed him over the edge making him act on his desire to get back at the Blossoms before they 'ruined' his daughters lives too. I mean let’s be honest Alice Cooper is enough to lead anyone to murder.

Overall, although the Coopers could be easily blamed, I don't think the show would pick such an obvious root. 

What do you guys think? Please discuss in the comments below!

Pece out x 

Sunday, 19 March 2017


 Hola lovely peoples, I feel straight outta the 60's with today’s outfit! I found this cute lil dress in a charity shop and absolutely adore it! It goes perfectly with my mini mouse style Doc's (here) and my beret from Monsoon. And of course I wore my TK Maxx leather-look jacket because I live in England therefore I'd freeze to death otherwise. 

Peace out x